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SEKURICO provide well-presented SIA trained security personnel to protect your home and assets 24/7. Currently, we are engaged in contracts with high nett worth VIP clients in London Mayfair, Belgravia, Kensington, Manhattan NYC and Bel Air LA, ensuring their inhabited and vacant properties are well-secured at all cost.

The rise in crimes and terrorism acts by organised gangs and groups, have made the wealthy of all backgrounds extremely vulnerable to be targets of burglaries and attacks. Last year alone over 44000 residential burglaries and 1229260 attacks took place in London.

CCTV and alarm systems plays an important role however, they also have limitations. Aside from causing extreme trauma and possible injury during the unlikely event of a break in, there is always the possibility of extensive damage to property and personal effects.

Having a high visibility security presence in a family residence is the best and most effective way of warning off would be intruders. Prevention is the obvious key to protecting families, without the danger of feeling threatened within their own home environment.

All SEKURICO officers are vetted to comply with BS 7875 regulation. Our officers are selected for their exceptional people skills and have been subjected to a Criminal Bureaus Check by the British police and are experienced in working with children, our clients most precious possessions.

SEKURICO will perform a risk assessment of Residence, site specific instructions and procedures document (SOP’S) to set out day to day tasks, which stipulate the exact roles and responsibilities of security officers on duty, Each residence in our portfolio has its own unique site standard operating procedures. SEKURICO have regular meetings with House Managers to discuss instructions from clients and any other related issues that may arise.

SEKURICO never discusses clients and we require our officers to sign a non disclosure agreement to enforce strict confidentiality. All our officers have experience in etiquette and protocols that are required to work with all clientele even Royalty.

Daily reports are compiled and communicated to the person of contact, typically the business manager of our client, to give them complete peace of mind 24 hours a day. We are working closely with Property Management companies, who maintain and manage large portfolios of Client properties. SEKURICO will perform a risk assessment of every prospective Residence which will be presented to the House manager. Our day to day tasks in the residences are performed with well tested over the years site specific site instructions and procedures, which stipulates the exact roles and responsibilities of or security officers on duty. Every Residence has a its own unique on site standard operating procedures document.

Our personnel are flexible and have impeccable skills and are fully trained in the protocol procedures it requires to deal with VIP’s. They are required to sign a Non-Disclosure confidentiality declaration before they are allowed on duty at any of the VIP client residences.

 The privacy of our Clients are not negotiable and we protect their identities with the strictest of confidentiality. Our services are done in a non-intrusive manner, respecting the privacy of families in residence always. Our security officers have to undergo a rigorous vetting process and are selected for their exceptional people skills, especially interaction in a comfortably responsible way with children, security awareness as ex-military or police diplomatic core trained, and  have been subjected to a criminal bureaus check, which are available for the Client contact person to view at any time. These checks are renewed every 6 months. Families are comforted by the fact that our officers are completely trustworthy in a manner that goes way beyond normal client /company duty, so much so that clients mostly request that officers accompany them on away trips or annual holidays. SEKURICO have excellent skills developed over the years with a knowledgeable, experience in protocol and etiquette that is required to work with Royal families and tailor-made services to suit all budgets and specific requirements our clients expect.

The key to our operations:

are to form an excellent working relationship with the house manager by way of regular weekly meetings to discuss instructions and any related issues that may arise.

Our service includes:

  • Seasoned, experienced well-presented Male and Female ex-military or police diplomatic core officers.
  • VIP close protection male and Female ex-military and Police officers.
  • Close Protection ex-military and Police drivers and vehicles.
  • Observation officers in vehicle in front of Residence strategically situated to monitor possible press and hostile activity in front of client residence. (Only in exceptional circumstances and if requested by client)
  • Complete handover with incoming shifts.
  • Daily access control of visitors/ Staff and Contractors.
  • Daily reports in occurrence book.
  • Mobile phone management of all visitors unless a Contractor has to photograph some of their work-related issues. They will be escorted by a security officer when doing so.
  • Monitoring CCTV, Intruder-, fire and leak detection alarms as well as the BMS (Residence Management System).
  • Key control register.
  • Incident report book. (RIDDOR)
  • Performing security and search checks.
  • Security Personnel attendance record.
  • On site specific Standard Operating Procedures, including Medical Emergency SOP, Intruder SOP, Fire alarm SOP, Covid-19 SOP.
SEKURICO are of the believe ‘’CHEAP SECURITY IS NOT GOOD, AND GOOD SECURITY IS NOT CHEAP’’ but we are also aware of the exorbitant charges made by security companies, and we will ensure that we promise results on requirements expected and within the Client’s budget.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements on +44(0) 207 118 1480 or Nicolas@sekurico.com. All enquiries will be treated strictly confidential.

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