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Welcome to SEKURICO LTD, a leading provider of tailor-made security and support solutions to clients, formed by ex-military officers with over 30 years of experience locally and internationally in extreme high-risk countries.


Stage 1 – Initial Selection/Sourcing: SEKURICO encourages promotion through the ranks and will strive to fill a skilled position from existing personnel or a prospective candidate being introduced by an existing member of staff from SEKURICO. Checking personal identity.

Stage 2 – Short listing: Careful short listing of candidates is carried out to identify those with the necessary skills for the vacant position(s). At this stage all details concerning the applicant are recorded and a photograph taken.

Stage 3 – Checks: Full background checks are then conducted to comply with BS 7875 regulations for locally employed Security.  Criminal Bureau and financial checks will be requested from all prospective candidates not older than 3 months. Obtain personal references from previous employer. Only security personnel with an unblemished record will be utilized.

Stage 4 – Training:  On successfully passing all background checks, applicants are then enrolled in an induction training structured and designed to meet the requirements of   SEKURICO specific site instructions required for the specific contract.

Stage 5 – Administration: After Induction training by SEKURICO and candidate still meeting all proficiency and security requirements, the candidate will go through the necessary administration processes.


Depending on the client’s specifications we can provide male and female security personnel. All our personnel are trained in customer service NVQ Level 2 and have a valid SIA license to legally perform our specialist services. At SEKURICO, we view our personnel as our most valuable asset and we pledge to provide them with the highest and continuous training to ensure only the very best, well presented, excellent communicators who are able to deal with any given situation in a non-confrontational calm demeanour.

SEKURICO’s reputation for integrity and unquestionable ethical behaviour is widely renowned. All SEKURICO activities are conducted with the highest degree of discretion, integrity and client confidentiality, within the framework of national and international law; while at the same time, maintaining complete corporate transparency. SEKURICO is committed to proper industry accountability and regulations.

SEKURICO is committed to providing the most effective and reliable security services as our clients and our employees are our greatest assets. SEKURICO believes that long-term success is achieved by delivering consistent, measurable results and value to clients. SEKURICO will respond to changes in the industry to continually streamline our level of service by appointing a coordinator, to ensure that our security services are built around your specific requirements.

Although security supports the client’s needs, communication with subcontractors, mission planning and scheduled activities play an integral role in the coordinated efforts required to perform the scope of services that our client’s require. SEKURICO works closely with our clients to identify opportunities to increase productivity and to reduce cost, by looking at various security configurations while maintaining an effective security posture. We do thorough background checks on all employees, to provide a high degree of confidence, so that no employee who we hire constitutes a security risk.

Nic van Heerden Managing Director

Ex-Military – in the old South African defence force. Officers Infantry School – Oudtshoorn, South Africa. Equestrian Centre, Potchefstroom – Lieutenant. 1 SWASPES – Otavi, Southwest Africa. 2 Regt de la Rey Company Commander – Captain. Nic holds a British and South African citizenship. Nic has twelve years’ experience in the middle east in roles such as Project manager, Dep Country manager on contracts with USA Corps of Engineers, Personal security for USA Major General Ronald Johnson, Brig General Joseph Schroedel, USA Ambassador to Kuwait Richard Jones and was also responsible for the security of Mr Lahkdar Brahimi, UN Middle East representative for Afghanistan and Iraq and Mr Jalal Talabani, who later became President of Iraq Prior to that five years with VIP Middle Eastern family business men as well as various Close Protection tasks for high profile UK individuals. Nic started Sekurico Ltd in September 2014 and is currently specialising in various VIP Residential security contracts, hotel and event security functions Qualified Medic in remote areas and has a Nebosch Health and Safety qualification. He holds Teachers and Agricultural degree.

Peter Sustek

Close Protection operative for VIP Middle Eastern family and working for Sekurico for the past 2 years on a VIP Residential security contract. Peter was a Captain in the Czech Republic Army and served 3 tours in Afghanistan. Currently doing Residential security for VIP Arabian family at two residences in London. He also did close protection for Rhiana on various occasions. Peter recently competed in a bodybuilding competition in Dubai. He is an excellent team player and has a natural security awareness. Peter is also a combat medic with years of experience in the Military

Ingrid Gibson

Ingrid Gibson has been involved in security for the past 9 years and is English/ Argentinian who has a Close Protection qualification. She has extensive experience in protecting a Middle Eastern Princess for two years, Ingrid is currently on one of our residential security contracts. Ingrid is fully conversant in Spanish and English and is an excellent team player with security awareness. Ingrid is a qualified first aider with years of practical experience. She has also been in the corporate event security business for over 3 years and possess an Argentinian and British passport.

Ervin Mandrik

Ervin Mandrik, who is from Hungary has been on one of our Residential security contracts for nearly 3 years now. Ervin has 8 years security experience in London Ervin is fully conversant in Hungarian, Romanian and English He also has experience in Hotel security for over three years. Excellent communicator and team player first aid qualified and an extremely reliable security officer.

Milan Chamula

Milan Chamula has extensive experience as an executive protection operator with UN VIP client and family for the past 5 years and as a Residential security officer for SEKURICO for 2 years. He completed his military training in the French Foreign Legion, 4Regiment Etranger with tours of Afghanistan, Kosovo and Africa. Milan is in charge of all SEKURICO Close protection Services to ensure utmost professional conduct. 

He is qualified in Russian combat Sambo, Mix-Martial arts and a Krav Maga instructor. Milan is in charge of SEKURICO Close protection operations and he has done formal training courses in the following:

  • B6 Armoured vehicle driving
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Counter Terror Certified Instructor TA 1,2,3 – Live Fire room Clearing CQB
  • Firearms Maritime Competency
  • Level 4 Award in Hostile Environment Close Protection Firearms and Tactics
  • Private Military Contractor Training’

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